The Apostles' Column

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Practical ways to spread the Good News.

This column offers a weekly highlight for all of us, as apostles in the Church, as missionaries within our own parishes and communities. We are all called to spread the Good News, and this column considers practical ways for each of us to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ, and help lead others to do the same.

June 28, 2020

The Apostles’ Column


Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect

It is the last weekend of the fiscal year in the Archdiocese of Seattle. Normally this is a time when we see priests transitioning to new parishes, but as we all know that is not happening this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Fr. Robb, our beloved pastor these past six years, retires in just a few short days, and we will miss him dearly. It is sad that we are unable to have a going away reception for him now or perhaps even in the coming months; he told me recently he’d prefer to wait on that until such time that he’s feeling up to it. Father’s health issues (the congestive heart failure and ongoing issues with his prosthesis) continue to be a bit of a struggle for him, so please hold this up in prayer. Thanks to everyone who brought or sent in retirement cards to the offices I will deliver them after the 4th of July, so if you have one that you haven’t sent in yet, please do so ASAP. The big “gift boxes” will remain in the narthex of each church until the end of next week; feel free to swing by either church during visiting hours and drop your card in the box! You may certainly send or bring the cards to the parish office as well! Again, let us keep Father in our prayers, thanking God for his pastorate these past six years, as well as his priestly ministry the past 46 years; and wishing him all the love and peace of Christ!

Archbishop Etienne recently consecrated 2020 The Year of the Eucharist in the Archdiocese of Seattle. It will run until the feast of Corpus Christi 2021. As I begin my tenure as Pastoral Coordinator, I cannot help but consider what the upcoming year holds for all of us . The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Faith, and in that It should be the center of all we do; as parishes certainly, but more importantly, as individuals.

We are in an unprecedented time in the history of the Catholic Church, a time of great suffering in The Body of Christ, the Church militant; but also a time of great opportunity and purification. To save the world we  need to be saints in these times. Each one of us must strive to live a life of Christian perfection now more than ever, moment by moment; the current milieu demands it. If we relax our efforts, out of fear or any other number of reasons, we are failing our Baptismal call.

Over the course of this next year it is my hope that our parishes will become more holy; that each of us will strengthen our faith and become more Christ centered. I will be working with the Pastoral Council to  explore ways that we can call people to conversion, help strengthen families, renew our efforts at being more welcoming parishes and developing strong leadership in our ministries. We have all been called to carry out the Gospel message, and we must do so not merely as disciples, or students of the Word; but as apostles, children of God with a purpose and a mission. In our prayer; in our work; in our contact with others; in our suffering…in every aspect of our lives we must be centered on Christ and the Eucharist.

The Apostles’ Column is about all of us and in it I will share with you each week ways that we can strengthen our faith through prayer, service in the parishes, building community and the like. For now, I have a special request: next year at this time we will be welcoming a new pastor. That is my great hope, and I know that each of you joins me in that hope. The prayer below was written imploring God to bless us with a new and holy pastor next year. If we all pray for this daily, it will come. Please make a concerted effort to join me and the other parishioners in praying daily:

QA/SJ Prayer for a holy pastor.

Dear God our Father, we ask for blessings on your parishes, Queen of Angels and St. Joseph, our homes and sanctuaries of faith. We pray for the intercession of St. John Vianney, the beloved patron of parish priests, to send us a holy pastor in July 2021, an d with this prayer to open our hearts to the love and faith and will of Almighty God. Lord God, we petition you with all humility and an unwavering trust that these prayers will be heard, and that joy and peace will bloom in our faith communities. We petit ion all the angels and saints and our Virgin Mother as we seek a holy pastor, a disciple of Christ, to guide and lead us in our journey with God and to our eternal rest. We ask this as always, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thank you for all of your loving support over the past several months. It’s a new time, but an exciting time. Know that you remain in my prayers as we move forward together in the midst of all the uncertainty.

Christ’s peace be yours today and always,

Cathy Wiswell, Pastoral Coordinator

Queen of Angels

209 W. 11th St.
Port Angeles, WA 98362
(360) 452-2351

St. Joseph Parish

121 E. Maple St.
Sequim, WA 98382
(360) 683-6076