2020 Graduation Ceremony

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re SUPER proud of our graduates!

Congratulations to ALL of our wonderful 8th grade graduates! We know you’re going to go far in life. ❤️

Watch the recording of our livestreamed graduation ceremony by clicking the button below.


This past week, we gathered under extraordinary circumstances to recognize our outstanding graduates.

All graduations are a mix of joy, excitement, and sadness. Now, these emotions were amplified as we were joyful in seeing each other after months of physical separation, excited for who the graduates are and who they have become, and sad that we must say goodbye and maintain physical distancing practices. In place of handshakes and hugs, we sent them off with tears and waves.

They graduate in challenging and turbulent times, yet we send them off to be beacons in the midst of the darkness.

Please continue to pray for our graduates as they venture forward in the path God has in store for them.

In Christ,
Thomas Cody McDonald, Principal