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“Believing parents, with their daily example of life, have the most effective capacity to transmit the beauty of the Christian faith to their children.” –-Directory for Catechesis


Registration | First Communion & First Reconciliation

Thank you for your interest in our sacramental preparation program. Please submit a separate entry for each child you wish to enroll.

Download a copy of the calendar here.

Photography Waiver Information

Our events are often photographed, and the pictures may be posted in the fellowship hall, used in the bulletin, or published on the parish website.

Please indicate whether we have permission to take and share pictures of your child in this way.

By entering your full legal name in the E-signature field, you consent to use this as your electronic signature.

If you do not consent to using this as your electronic signature, please download the registration form or visit the parish office to pick up a printed copy.

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